at the market: what’s your ‘apple butter’?


I have found myself these last few summer months spending my Saturday and Sunday afternoons milling about various Farmer’s Markets. Not only are they a great place to pick up some homegrown fruits and veggies, homemade cheeses and jams, and grass-fed meats, it’s a wonderful place to socialize and see people from town. The time I’ve spent at these Farmer’s Markets are relaxing, easy, fun, and stress-free. They let me catch my breath from the ever-hectic work/school week and do something for myself. Personally, I tend to flock to the jams and jelly stand. I have a pretty insatiable sweet tooth, which I get from my father, and I can’t get enough of these homemade spreads. My favorite is, by far, homemade apple butter.

Just like my trips to the Farmer’s Markets (mainly for some apple butter or some pumpkin butter, which I saw on my last trip!), consumers in the digital space have their favorite digital “vendor” if you will. The Digital Marketplace is made up of social media, digital media, direct digital marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, blogs of many sorts – and the list grows each day. Each of these vendors offer various assortments of products i.e social marketing is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so much more!

What’s my personal fave? Well. If I were to spend a sunny Saturday morning in the Digital Marketplace, I’d have to go straight for the photo/video vendors. To me, these platforms speak to me most, and provide the strongest form of engagement and communication. When I want to see the essence of a brand, I’d rather see it documented in photos or stream it through video. I want to see real people and real instances captured. I particularly like Instagram.


These stats about this sharing site are remarkable. But I think it validates this digital medium, and why it has grown to be so powerful. Below are four brands that I follow on Instagram. These brands do a great job at engaging their followers. I am always interested to see how the real lives of brand representatives portray themselves and their personal involvement with the company.



ROSIE THE LONDONER (a great lifestyle blogger)

COMPLETE PHYSIQUE (a women’s fitness/health brand)

Check them out!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes. So, why not say something about your brand with those photos? Do you have a personal preference when it comes to how you use and experience the digital marketplace? What’s your ‘apple butter’?


the digital marketplace.

The phrase “new and emerging media” has been rattling around in my brain for over a week now, all thanks to my stellar graduate school program and the course I’m currently taking! I have made great efforts to understand the symbolism of it. What does it look like? What are new and emerging media? Are they really new and emerging, or are they just adapting and evolving from day to day? Before understanding what these media look like, let’s just take a breather, and understand the world in which they live.

I look around during a typical day, and see those around me enveloped in a digital world – my location is irrelevant. Almost everywhere I go, I see someone, using some sort of digital device, to engage in this digital marketplace (hence my blog name). The evidence is pretty astounding, but I doubt many would dispute it. Go with me for a second…

Picture a marketplace. A crowd of various people, mixing and mingling in a space that is lively, thriving, and vibrant. It is booming with conversation, each individual bringing his or her own perspective to the group of those gathered.  Everyone is interacting and engaging with others, all the while perusing the assortment of products available. Sure, the products at any marketplace draw these people together – whether fruits and veggies, fish, fine crafts, artisan goods, art and photography, etc. What’s more powerful, though, is the experience that these people endure. Discussing, sharing, purchasing, tasting, witnessing, and learning. Each person has a unique function at that marketplace.

What happens when we view this special, creative, and adventurous experience and compare it to our digital world? Can it be compared? Of course it can!

Our digital world is made up of an enormous variety of media – platforms for social networking, career networking, information gathering, information sharing, bookmarking, writing, photography, videography, music… There are digital means for nearly every kind of engagement. It is truly a marketplace, and a vibrant one at that.

Blog Post Week 1Though we tend to call them “emerging” or “new” media, I think a better way to think about these media is to consider their purpose. They are created to engage, and engage to the fullest. Each has a slightly different function, but they are all of the same essence:  to augment the potential for interactivity. Virtual mixing and mingling.

The digital marketplace is thriving, growing exponentially, and evolving every minute of the day. People are learning and communicating, marketing and engaging, in ways that people years ago would have only dreamed of.  The good news is, we don’t have to wait for the market to open every Sunday to purchase some products or take part in the experience. The digital marketplace is all around us, available at nearly every fingertip, at any moment. How incredible is it that we get to witness this? Is this a positive or negative concept? Stay tuned!