about this blog.


Hi! I’m Lindsay Dawson, a graduate student at West Virginia University, currently pursuing my MS in Integrated Marketing Communications. With undergraduate degrees in Theatre and Vocal Performance, it’s safe to say that I am definitely an innovator. I love to create, learn, experiment, and collaborate with other people. I enjoy writing, and have recently realized my particular passion for blogging! A little about this blog…


As an aspiring integrated marketer, I am constantly striving to further educate myself about how people and brands engage with one another. This authentic engagement between consumer and company, in my eyes, is the most valuable result of any marketing campaign. In the digital world, the feeling of true engagement is even more vital to success. How do we know what characteristics are indicative of success?

That is, essentially, the intent of this blog. It functions as the starting point for greater conversations regarding the communications among our digital world. It is a foundation upon which to build understanding, share beliefs, explore uses, identify advantages and disadvantages of all things digital. Though I will never pretend to know everything there is to know about digital marketing, I can say that through discussions and blog posts, my own knowledge will be substantiated, and hopefully yours will also!

A marketplace can be defined as any sphere considered as a place where ideas, thoughts, artistic creations, etc., compete for recognition. The Digital Marketplace is just that: a blog that will act as a hub for the various media and platforms that enable digital communication and marketing to exist and thrive. It will shed light on the realm of digital space that is consumed by ideas, thoughts, and creations.


The questions I seek to answer are the following:

What media are new and emerging?

What defines “new and emerging” media?

What makes these media relevant and valid?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these identified digital media?

Are they worthwhile? Are they beneficial?

How can best utilize such media?

How do consumers react to these media?


The better I can understand new and emerging media, the better I can use and engage on these platforms. Here’s to another fine attempt at online engagement! Thanks for reading!


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